[TBA] Offseason Event Data Publishing

We’re excited to announce a new feature for The Blue Alliance: an Offseason Event Wizard!

This tool allows you to post all the event data you expect from official events directly to TBA from any computer! This feature evolved from our Championship Live Data Hotfix and it’s been expanded and polished. You can upload FMS Reports to easily import data, and enter match scores one at a time, so updates results are always available.

You can post a Team List, Match Schedule, Match Results, Rankings, and Alliance Selections. Live match scores means that myTBA Notifications will also be available for your event.

You may have noticed we’ve tested this feature at two events already (CT State Champs, and BattleCry) and now it’s ready for prime time.

If you want to use the Event Wizard at your event drop a line to me, Eugene, or the TBA Contact Page and we’ll get you set up.

This was a great feature to have at both CSC and BattleCry, and I’m really excited this is ready to go full out. Thanks to the entire TBA crew for making this happen.

I can’t wait to have this enabled at WIWI in a few weeks.

Just out of curiosity will this mean that something frcspyder like will arrive soon for off seasons as that would be amazing. Is this going to be added to your API or made available to developers?

All the data gets posted to TBA just like official events. That means it’s available in the API and in our Android app.

So yes - it already exists (for Android, iOS coming soon)

So yes - it already exists (for Android, iOS coming soon)

That is incredible thanks for showing me the app somehow it slipped past when I was looking for FIRST related apps.

Just wanted to thank Eugene and the TBA crew for their awesome Event Wizard. We used it this past two weeks at TRI and RoboReboot.

Eugene has been excellent and has been working hard on several feature requests including adding the ability to add match video links through the event wizard. This is a huge plus as mere minutes after a match ends the archived match video can be seen on TBA.

If you are doing an off-season event this year I highly recommend you get in touch with them and use the event wizard at your event.

More credit should go to Phil than me. He built the whole thing, I’ve just been technical support when things go wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: