[TBA]: outdated Team Info in Match Archives

The Match Archives show our Team Info from last year. How can we update it to reflect our current team name and sponsors?

Other than that detail, your site is absolutely fantastic! Hats off to TBA!!:]

That’s not a Blue Alliance problem. They pull that information from the TIMS. So have a mentor go into that and change the sponsors and whatnot, then it’ll automatically update.

If you’ve already done so or it doesn’t update the next day at the longest, then contact them at contact+problems at thebluealliance.net

Hope that helps!

Actually, that is our problem.

The TIMS pulling isn’t automated, and we haven’t updated it since last year. I’m going to update it later this week.

Sorry for the outdated info!

  1. I meant to say have a mentor change the info, and
  2. I guess it is an issue with TBA after all. Thanks for letting us know!

I just re-scraped all of FIRSTs team pages and updated the information on the 2163 teams stored in The Blue Alliance’s database.

Let me know if anyone finds any anomalies, but now TBA’s info should echo TIMS as of March 8th, 2008.

Thanks, guys. Team Info is updated now.