[TBA]: Parsing Newton, Curie

It appears SOAP was unable to record Newton and Curie into individual matches. They have posted unparsed video from these two fields. They will need to be parsed into individual matches before they can go on The Blue Alliance. Does anyone have some time soon? I bet lots of us have things to catch up on this week after getting back from Atlanta, but hopefully we can get these matches online at some point!


I will be starting on Newton shortly

Normally I would but I got break this week and can’t get into the school’s editing center. Sorry Greg!

I might have a bit of time on my hands to tackle Curie. What’s the naming convention for divisions?

cmp (Einstein)

Thanks! You did an awesome job, super fast too! Newton is now up on TBA!

Argh, it looks like I won’t be able to swing Curie–the software I thought would work doesn’t play nice with the source .wmv files. Anybody able to grab the ball?

Sure thing, I should have it up before the end of the night

EDIT: Might take a little longer than I thought. I forgot that my University’s tubes start to clog up late in the evening.

Curie is up and ready to be moved over

Curie is online! You rock.