TBA Pictures Changed....

Anyone else noticed this on The Blue Alliance?


I dunno about you, but I smell April fools joke.

Just some random teams I saw in their new style.

Well now I’m hungry. Are you happy TBA?

My Team has a picture of a Cheesecake. XD

My team has a corn dog…

Um, No?

Oh My Gosh. :yikes: They’ve set it up so it changes each time you look at the team.

If you look at each link it will come up different either Cheesecake or CornDogs.

This is awesome.

:eek: :yikes: :smiley:

Can confirm, picture for our robot is accurate. Yes, it is shape-shifting. No, you can’t eat it.


254 made it their reveal video…


Now I’m hungry…and it’s 9:00AM…and my company doesn’t make corndogs nor cheesecake…

I feel so left out. :mad:

Ours team page on TBA still shows our robot with no cheesecake or corndogs. I keep refreshing the page (F5) to no avail…

Wait! TBA must have more information on our robots that previously known. We are just at 119.8 pounds so TBA knows we don’t have the capacity for cheesecake. :frowning:

Now I’m hungry.

I’m really hoping some enterprising food trucks show up at Worlds!

We are cheesecake which is ironic because we were cheesecaked at sbpli

Shhh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Proud member of #teamcorndog

Here at TBA, we’ve been busy migrating our infrastructure to the cloud, which allows us to do more advanced heuristics when determining the “cheesecakeabiltiy” of a robot.

We’re planning on debuting featuring advanced information about each team’s 2016 robot in December, with a 99% accuracy guarantee, to allow pre-scouting like never before!

Will this support the full range of EDAMAME [1] or just Cheescake and Corndog?

[1] http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1384136&postcount=20

Oh, now it’s cheesecake

We’re planning on supporting the full range of EDAMAME by release, so you can easily combine dinner and FRC.

Our Android app team has begun forming a partnership with GrubHub to easily bring real life EDAMAME data sets right to your door for further analysis, right from the TBA app!

Never scout hungry again!