[TBA]: Reporting (Offseason) Event Results

So you are going to be running an offseason event and you want it to show up on The Blue Alliance, eh? Awesome! We want to get as much data available for teams as possible!

You can use the attached Excel files to report data to us easily! Fill out the attached Excel files and e-mail them to contact@thebluealliance.net. We’ll take them and stick them into our database so everyone can check out your awesome event!

Please include:

  • Event Name
  • Event Location (City, State)
  • Event Location (GPS Latitude/Longitude), if possible

If you have the team list in advance of the other information, you can send us that file separately, and we can add the match results later.

Thanks for your efforts putting on pre-season and post-season events :slight_smile:

elims_xls.xls (18 KB)
qual_xls.xls (20 KB)
teamlist_xls.xls (16.5 KB)

elims_xls.xls (18 KB)
qual_xls.xls (20 KB)
teamlist_xls.xls (16.5 KB)

Keeping offseason event records on TBA is awesome. Thanks for setting up this feature.

couple questions:

  1. Can offseason events do a realtime match result update on TBA ?
  2. Is it possible to upload offseason event Awards to TBA as well ?

IRI is coming up this week and i’m curious how they will realtime upload results.

Also the new History section of TBA is awesome, thanks for adding this !

Thanks for pointing this out Andy, it’s like the old FIRST team history page that we’re all used too. Now it just needs to get added to Frclinks.com

Team 1676 has all of the matches, alliance selections, and award ceremonies from the 2013 Monty Madness and MidKnight Mayhem offseason events uploaded on their YouTube Channel, here and here. I don’t have the time, but if someone is able to go through and submit them to TBA, that’ll be awesome.