I have been trying to work on a scouting sheet on google. I have been using the TBA Request google sheets add on. I have gotten the key function to work, however, but nothing else. Any help is appreciated!

(https://gsuite.google.com/marketplace/app/tba_requests/1029393771693?pann=cwsdp&hl=en) .

@jaredhk Any thoughts?


Is your key like this?
or like this?

Because both say that the key creation is successful, but only the top one is right and lets the other functions work.

Can you share your sheet with us so we can take a look?

Yes. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1m9vZrMgRhlsghaTdkNrr8_qH_ug5-t2aZPC2MlO5cSU/edit?usp=sharing

Two changes you should make:

Team keys should be lowercase (frc1836 NOT FRC1836)

Also, the entire parameter of the formula should be in quotes. So =TBAQuery("team/frc4516/simple") should work, while =TBAQuery(team/frc4516/simple) will not.

Let me know if it still doesn’t work!

Thanks, that worked perfectly! I was wondering if you could explain the “TBATeamEventMatches” command, because when I run it like "= TBATeamEventMatches(“4516”, “2020gadal”) or like "= TBATeamEventMatches(4516, 2020gadal) I get nothing.

This looks to be correct from the Gsheet posted above. Ive found sometimes ive had to close and repopen the gsheet after putting in the equation to get them to work, maybe try that?

It gives me a “Formula Parse error”, and I am super confused.

found the issue going and trying it myself. the actual formula is

=TBATeamEventMatchKeys(4516, “2020gadal”)

You may need to manually add the quotes in yourself, copy and pasting this into sheets gives a different quote character for some reason.

Okay, I just tried that and got a “unknown function error.” I do have the add-on added and the script code on the doc.

Really strange.

See if you can replicate this? im not sure what would be causing that.

I was able to replicate that! I don’t know either, and it is quite confusing lol.

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I quite honestly am not a fan of this addon because of stuff like this. Its the only thing i’ve found with this much functionality for gsheets though, so im kinda stuck with it till i get an autoupdating python script going (and thats uhhhh not going great ). Good to see you got it working though!

@djames1356 for future reference, and as a general rule of thumb, keep numbers out of quotes, and anything involving letters, in quotes. Things that include special characters (letters, spaces, etc) such as an event key, keep those in quotes. Things like team numbers, leave the quotes out. GSheets processes numbers and letters differently, so making sure it understands which is which, is important and crucial for any formula to work properly.

In your first formula here, you have both 4516 and 2020gadal in quotes. Where in your second formula, you have neither in quotes. This is why neither formula would work; you need only one of those parameters in quotes, 2020gadal. Which gives us,
=TBATeamEventMatches(4516, “2020gadal”)
Which, in theory (I haven’t tested this since posting), should work and is essentially what @MikLast has in his post, just with a different formula.

Hope this helps

Trying this with 4513/2019waspo just gives me a blank cell, im going to assume this isint what should happen? Wasnt aware this was a usable formula, as trying this before gave me the same parse errors…

I have never used the TBA API addon, so I’m not sure. I most commonly use @WillNess’s API script to pull from the API, with a couple simple =importJSON() formulas here and there for pulls that are not supported with his script. I have used the API quite extensively and have multiple sheets that use it, so if you want any examples from any method I’ve mentioned let me know.