TBA Scavenger Hunt

“I need more robotics content” you say? Here is an excuse to devour more!

I will post a clue and you, my dear readers, will post what you think is the correct answer.

The Rules

Answers can come in the form of a specific robot, alliance, game piece, match, etc. All of the answers should be findable on TBA/youtube/FIRST Game Descriptions in one way or another (including the TBA blog). Answers must be submitted via google form and can be discussed after the solution has been posted.

  • Clues are posted Mondays and Thursdays (holidays excluded), answers can be submitted up until the next clue is posted
  • Everyone who gets it right will receive a point
  • Full and partial points are awarded for those who effectively show their thought process
  • Bonus points are given for extremely clever answers
  • Points are at the whim of Katie (and Andrew)
  • Sometimes my systems goof and points aren’t updated correctly - feel free to let me know!
  • Especially bad answers can win points too, but proceed at your own risk
  • One guess per player
    • Players may edit their guesses. Final answers will be “graded” right before the next answer is posted. Editing once the answer has been posted won’t win you points.
    • You can edit your submission by saving the link google provides once you click submit.
    • In general, mistakes that result in ~2 submissions are forgivable. I’m surprisingly human.
  • We’ll maybe give direction on type of answer
  • Assume any information available on TBA is valid
  • Suggesting topics for clues will win you good favor, which could result in points… it also results in more interesting topics for clues
  • Submit even if you don’t know the answer. Doing so serves two purposes:
    • Lets me know the question was too hard. Maybe I’ll release a hint. Maybe I’ll do nothing. Who knows! Think of the weird point consequences this could have! And you have explicit permission to go back and change your answer!
    • Lets me know people are still interested. If no one is interested anymore, that’s completely fine… but much like Pandora, I don’t want to play to an empty room.

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Your first clue:

Even when castle walls did scale
Equal armies clashing until knightly virtue did fail
And that is the end of our rubber match tale

Kudos to @Andrew_Schreiber for helping me write clues. Also he didn’t sign up for this but he is a co-host and may be making the official clue/points post from time to time.


Einstein Finals match 3, 2016 champs?

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merelephant - 1

Blue, Red, and a Palindrome,
Take on some teams who call great lakes home,
Everything’s balanced until the last call,
When the division’s decided by a big fall

What is Archimedes Final 3 2012

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merelephant - 1
Jjmase123 - 1

This wall of maroon gambled and won
The legend of this monster came undone
A single game piece in the wrong place
Invalidated the whole lifting race

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2015 Hopper finals 2?

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Einstein Finals Match 3, 2007.

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merelephant - 1
Jjmase123 - 1
JakeD - 1

A festive scene of
Red, Green, and Black
A last second place
As they win 'round the track

Einstein Finals Match 2 2008


merelephant - 1
Jjmase123 - 1
JakeD - 1
DanielYanger - 1

Wicked winds around did spin
Post-event discovered a gyro not plugged in
A mentor committing an evil sin
Leave an asterisk on this win

2012 Einstein finals 2

does semis 1m2 fit better?

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2012 einstien

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Schreiber didn’t specify the answer as a specific match and the posts were close together so you both get points


merelephant - 1
Jjmase123 - 1
JakeD - 1
DanielYanger - 1
ry_pat24 - 1
MikLast - 1

This striped member never did play
But the internet furied over its day
This arose Frank’s great friend
Though he would ask, “who’s he’s again?”

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2015 einstien

this one isint specified either, i had 2015 champs elims

Yeah, the intent was really the entire 2012 Einstein debacle.

Also Riley punched me for that one :stuck_out_tongue: Apparently it’s a sore subject.


Going to ask for more specific answers now :slight_smile:

2015 einstien semis 6

Team 900, the Zebracorns, From Durham, North Carolina, USA, in the 2015 FIRST Robotics Competition World Championship Curie division elims and Einstein division elims.


Noting it can be a team, a match, an alliance, or a series of matches.

(I’m expanding it to that because we’re going to run out of these clues quick at this rate)