TBA Score Discrepancy

So the NE Hartford playoffs just came to an end, and I noticed quite a significant difference in the posted TBA score and the on screen match score for SF1M1. It wouldn’t have affected the outcome of the match, but it’s strange that that would happen.

SF1 was replayed later because they were unable to determine if 558 actually did climb in time. The match score is correct, they just have the wrong video.

There was apparently a replay of that match. The scores shown are from the second play and the video is of the first. The updated video will be added manually soon.

Thanks for pointing this out!

On a related note, I have seen a few videos that are assigned to the wrong matches. What is the best route to getting this corrected? Should I put an issue on GitHub?

Issue on GitHub is the best way to hold us accountable, email also works.

We will implement a “report wrong video” feature at some point…

Just noticed, TBA and the match screen for finals 2 at SVR both have a foul, but it is still listed as the high score (unpenalized). What’s up with that?

Even though the score shows up as 522, the value being used is 522 - 5 = 517, which is still the highest score.

I guess “unpenalized” is the wrong word, and should be “minus penalties.”

I wrote the software that splits the match video as soon as the match ends, but we don’t support replays yet. If anyone is can help get me a list of NE matches that have the wrong video, I can try and get them split manually.