[TBA]: Splitting Tools and Techniques

Hi all,

I’m curious how everyone is doing their video splitting. I usually have done my video splitting using Virtual Dub and setting in and out points to get just the section I want. This gets me fine grained control over recompression options, and is fairly fast compared to using something like Final Cut Pro or Premiere to do the splitting.

What tools and techniques are others using? Maybe we can come up with some best practices to make everyone’s lives easier!


I’ve used AVIDemux on PC and MPEG Streamclip on Mac, for videos that have no problems with audio delay, frame rates, etc. If there are audio problems, I’m trying to get a campus copy of Premiere.

Depending on the raw video I usually convert all the raw video using Handbrake on the mac, I start with its normal profile and turn down the Constant Quality setting to a RF of 21, and audio bitrate to 128 kbps. This gives me a good quality output file that in a .mp4 container using h264. Then I take it into Quicktime and use the trim command, this can then quickly save the matches into .mov files without reconverting.

Then for the .flv conversion I dump all the matches into VisualHub on the mac and let it do its thing. For getting jpeg’s for the flash player I use VLC, open a group of .flv files and take snapshots of all of them. I’m trying to make an apple script to do this for me. Ohh I also have a simple automater script to rename everything to the proper format.

I use VirtualDub on Windows to do capturing and splitting. I use the ffdshow codec plugin to capture to MPEG at relatively high quality, and then use ffmpeg (via a bash script) to concatenate the match and score pieces of the video and compress it to MP4.
I use avidemux in place of VirtualDub if I have to trim video in Linux.