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**2009 Robot Photos
Show Your Bot Off on TBA!

The Blue Alliance has set up an e-mail address for teams to submit photos of their 2009 robots. By building a complete set of robot photos, The Blue Alliance hopes to make pre-scouting for regionals much easier and more efficient for teams.

To submit a photo of your team or another team’s 2009 robot, send an email to [email protected]. Attach a horizontally oriented photo of your robot named ###.jpg where ### is your team’s number. For instance, if you are team 5462, attach “5462.jpg”, and if you are team 1, attached “1.jpg”. Automated scripts handle downloading and processing the attachments, so it is important you stick to this convention!

Send a photo of your bot to [email protected] and help scouts see just how great of a machine you’ve built!

Curious, anything preventing one from submitting photos of other teams’ robots (gleaned through legitimate means, of course)?

Thanks Greg. Sorry to pester you about it. I do still have a problem, however. We have a very vertical robot, so I have to work on that horizontal thing. Actually I was just yowling at the kids for taking all these sideways pictures that I have to rotate…

Any limits on size of the pic?

It would be very difficult to create a horizontally oriented photo of a 60" tall, 33" wide robot without a lot of blank space on the sides of the photo. Is that really what you want the teams to do?

Got any pics of your bot hauling a trailer? That’s what we used.

As long as it fits in an e-mail, nope! I’m going to resize them before posting.

You can submit a vertical photo. It ought to work, but it may not wind up being resize to the same size as everyone else’s. You can put a front and side view side by side to make two vertical photos more horizontal as well, or add team logos or such. Horizontal-ness isn’t really a hard requirement, but it’s easier for me to deal with.

Where will these be posted?

The first 96 teams’ photos are up! :slight_smile:


On their team pages on TBA. For instance, check out team 111 or 177.

Ahh, I was hoping there would be a page or so to show all the robots. Instead of having to hunt the pictures down by robot. :cool:

Technically this gets the job done, but it’s not really an officially supported page: http://thebluealliance.net/tbatv/gallery.php?year=2009

Lol at 125’s robot pic. Me likie, can’t wait to see 125’s final product.

Can we submit photos for 2010 season ?

I tried the process described but changed the address to “+2010” but the photo of 2587 does not show up yet.

Photos for 2010 will be imported right before week one Regionals.

If anyone has ideas for getting bulk team photos, please let me know :slight_smile:

Not using the method for the last few years any more?

I think this is the right thread for this…

I noticed that when teams batch submit their pit recon photos, it automatically overwrites old photos on the pages. Sometimes this is good when a team iterates, but often a pit recon photo shows less detail than the team supplied photos. I noticed this when 1714’s robot was replaced from a bumperless side view (which due to being made of lexan showed everything about the robot) to a bumpered front view, which doesn’t show details the old photo did. Is there a way for TBA to keep multiple photos per team?

FIRST specifically asked us to stop using the photos teams submit to TIMS.

Not without a bunch of coding. For now, we’re stuck with single photos.

I couldn’t find a better thread for this so I figured just use it and hope its alright.

I have sent in a photo that I wanted to upload for the 694 tba page and overwrite the existing one but that was over a month ago and it still hasn’t been put up so I was wondering if it is just impossible for the photo to be overwritten.