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**2010 Robot Photos
Show Your Bot Off on TBA!

The Blue Alliance has set up an e-mail address for teams to submit photos of their 2010 robots. By building a complete set of robot photos, The Blue Alliance hopes to make pre-scouting for regionals much easier and more efficient for teams.

To submit a photo of your team or another team’s 2010 robot, send an email to photos+2010@thebluealliance.net. Attach a horizontally oriented photo of your robot named ###.jpg where ### is your team’s number. For instance, if you are team 5462, attach “5462.jpg”, and if you are team 1, attached “1.jpg”. Automated scripts handle downloading and processing the attachments, so it is important you stick to this convention!

Send a photo of your bot to photos+2010@thebluealliance.net and help scouts see just how great of a machine you’ve built!

Check out the DiscoBot’s great robot! http://thebluealliance.net/tbatv/team/2587

When will photos be up on TBA???
I sent in our email early last week…
Any ideas when photos willl be posted?

Robert Steele
Team 1983

The first batch of photos is now online! :slight_smile:

Check your team out at http://www.thebluealliance.net/tbatv/team/1983