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**2008 Robot Photos
Show Your Bot Off on TBA!

The Blue Alliance has set up an e-mail address for teams to submit photos of their 2008 robots. By building a complete set of robot photos, The Blue Alliance hopes to make pre-scouting for regionals much easier and more efficient for teams. This feature debuted for the Indiana Robotics Invitational last year, and you can see how easy it is to scout teams by viewing the 2007 IRI page on The Blue Alliance.

To submit a photo of your team or another team’s 2008 robot, send an email to [email protected]. Attach a horizontally oriented photo of your robot named ###.jpg where ### is your team’s number. For instance, if you are team 5462, attach “5462.jpg”, and if you are team 1, attached “1.jpg”. Automated scripts handle downloading and processing the attachmenets, so it is important you stick to this convention!

Don’t forget to take a photo of your robot in the big rush to ship! Send it to [email protected] and help scouts see just how great of a machine you’ve built!

Just bumping this to remind people as ship approaches! :slight_smile:

We’ll send you a photo once we finish everything up.

Now that the build is officially over, start posting!

Could you set up a web-based uploader as well? I’m sure that you would get more pictures submitted that way. (If you wanted to be extra slick, allow pasting of CD-Media URLs)

2106’s is sent! let me know if i did it right.

If anyone wants to code up an uploader in PHP, I’ll be glad to host it. I am too busy to do so myself right now. :slight_smile:

Ok this is my last bump. Hopefully we’ll get another influx of photos once the week one regionals start :slight_smile:

How long until we can expect these to actually show up on the site?

They are now up. You can see robot photos on event teamlists, team pages, or this gallery page:


Very slick system you have going there. I always think it can’t be improved, and then you go and make it better! The gallery for all the robots is a good idea, though you may want to change how it arranges them if possible. Right now it places the pictures in alphabetical order, rather than by team number.

Still, very cool!

How long does it take for the pictures to be put up from the time they are sent?

We sent our pics this morning and in 3 hours it was posted.
This is an excellent idea. Keep this post alive!:yikes:

ill keep it alive:D i sent ours about an hour ago… i hope i did it right:rolleyes:

Photos are added manually. We’ll post the photos every couple days.

Once regionals start up, help compile photos of all the robots at your event to make scouting as easy as possible! :slight_smile:

I sent a photo of our robot 8 days ago and it still isn’t up. Should I re-send it?

I just re-uploaded the submitted photos.


Thanks for all of your hard work!!!
We just submitted our photo… I just realized how to do it…

Will you update again sometime in the next week or so?