[TBA] Submit Team Pictures and Videos

The Blue Alliance is proud to announce that we have made it easier to find and share robot photos and videos! Just visit a team page for a given year to see them or contribute links.
For example: http://www.thebluealliance.com/team/254/2011

Please help contribute so that everyone can have an easier time scouting this year!

As a note, in order to prevent spam and make moderation easier, we currently support two forms of media: YouTube videos and CD photos. We hope to expand this support in the future.

Awesome! This is a great addition to an already awesome site.

This looks good, the site is definitely improving, but it is dissapointing that teams still cannot upload .gif files. We do most of our scouting based of .gif files. It works much better than viewing full matches. I would like to see something like pulling from imgur. Could this be done???

Very cool!

In the past a lot of people have tried to concentrate robot pictures for easy lookup in different ways with varying success. Given the reputation of The Blue Alliance has, I think this is the perfect way to finally have a well agreed upon way to accomplish this goal.

So glad this is available on TBA now. One small suggestion, any way the photo/video tabs could be moved to the top of the page? Only because I could see people visiting a specific page more often for the picture and video then for the data, so having it at the top would be quicker then scrolling. Small thing, I know.

Great work as always guys, keep being awesome.

That’s a very good point. I wanted to do that initially, but it really only works well if there is a single photo per team; having multiple photos and videos near the top would make things feel cramped and crowded.

However, thinking about it again, maybe having a small box with a slideshow of all photos up top and the rest of the media at the bottom will work.

Any other ideas are appreciated. :]

Update: I’ve implemented it. Take it for a spin :]

I was looking for Videos’s of my old team the other day, and whenever I typed in their number it gave a 404 error. They are not competing this year, and if I added /2013 to the end of the url it showed the correct page. But it looks like if a team is not competing this year, the search does not find the page correctly.

Sorry about that. This is a known issue. I’ll try to get it sorted out this weekend.

This is pretty darn awesome.

Since you’re only accepting Chief photos, maybe something that searches tags for photos on chief like “frc254” “2011” when you visit the 254 2011 page would be useful, instead of manually adding all of the pictures. As long as people properly tag the Chief photos.

What about taking some of the photos from here? There seems to be a decent amount there already.

That could work, but it would still require a lot of manual effort to sort through mistagged photos. We’ll look into it though.

Congrats to the TBA team for adding videos and photos this year.

I hope all the teams upload a picture of their robot on CD and TBA.

I went back and updated TBA with a few Texas robot photos from 2001 ! It is neat to go back through the years to see all the photos of robots and people !

I’ll definitely make sure to get ours up after Champs

Also, I wasn’t sure where to post this, but I have a general odd-ball request for the Blue Alliance community: I use TBA a lot and The search feature is great, but sometimes I’ve been specifically looking for history between teams and have to do a lot of digging. I’d love to see search allow an advanced option where you can search 2 or more teams at a time and see the history of all matches they played together throughout history. Definitely not a high-priority feature, but something I’ve had on my wishlist for a while now.

I had a similar idea.

Add team stats on the team history page.
The algorithm calculates the teams top 3 alliance partners and top 3 opponents in a team’s history.

Eventually as more people upload pictures, you could also have thumbnails of robots from different years on the team history pages. Hopefully this would encourage teams to fill in all the missing robot pictures from previous years.