[TBA] Summer Hackathon 2k19!

Hey y’all - have you ever considered contributing to The Blue Alliance’s website, Android, or iOS apps? We’re hosting a hackathon Friday, June 28th through Sunday, June 30th. This is a great opportunity to get support from maintainers and contributors on setting up your environment, finding projects to work on, and submitting your first pull request to The Blue Alliance!

Although the date range for our hackathon is 3 days, participants can work on their projects whenever they have time over the course of the weekend. Friday is included in our date range as a buffer day to get development environments setup, answer questions, etc. Participants can work asynchronously on projects over the weekend either alone or with other contributors.

The best way to coordinate with other contributors is via our Slack workspace. You can request an invite to the Slack via our mailing list. Make sure to join the #hackathon channel to get ideas for projects to work on, coordinate with other participants, and follow additional communication about the hackathon.


Hey y’all - a quick bump, our hackathon is this weekend! If you’d like to get involved, feel free to join our Slack. We’re also looking to feature some of our developers who will be live streaming their projects on GameDay.

Live streaming coding!
I’ll be working on some UI stuff so hopefully that will be more fun to watch than a text editor.

Oh boy! This should be fun! :smiley: