[TBA]: TBA FLV Downloader

Since working on Dashboard for FRC, I’ve needed to learn some C#. In my quest to learn more programming languages, I’ve created an FLV Downloader for the TBA API.


It allows you to get the FLV files that you usually stream off of thebluealliance.net. You have the option of (in any combination) to get all the videos of a specific team, specific event, or competition level. Once you hit ‘Get List’, you’ll be presented with a list of all the matches it found. Sorry for the arcane-type listing, but when there is a lot to list, everything bogs down. It should be fairly easy to figure out though. Some of the common short codes are:

qm = qualifying match
qf = quarter final
sf = semi final
f = finals

m = match number

eg: pa_sf2m1.flv = Philadelphia Regional, Semi-Finals 2, Match 1

I hope this application will help at Nationals if you want to review videos of matches in other divisions for scouting, etc. Keep in mind this is my first C# application so there might be a few bugs. Please reply here with any bug reports, comments, suggestions, etc.


Looks interesting.

Would you mind posting the source, or at least a plain excutible?

Sourced! (See Attachment)

TBA_FLVDownloader.zip (164 KB)

TBA_FLVDownloader.zip (164 KB)