[TBA] TBA Presents... Soldering and Multimeter Tutorials


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TBA Presents… Soldering and Multimeter Tutorials

While we try to bring you as much instructional video content as we can, we are busy being back at school and building our own robots. Sometimes we stumble across other people out there who have made something that we think you might find very helpful. When we do, we post it here so that you can learn from it and share it with others.

Recently, we stumbled across a great Soldering Tutorial and Multimeter Tutorial. They were produced by Weekend Projects for the MAKE:Blog. Click on the links to read a bit more about what the videos will show you and to find links to watch them online. We’re getting into week 4, so electrical systems are starting to come together! These videos are really useful if you’ve never soldered or used a multimeter before, or if you just want to brush up.

Also on the site, we have posted some statistics regarding our visits and downloads. As of right now, our statistics for January are amazing! Over 5600 visits have been logged, which brought about over 1200 downloads of our Kickoff Coverage and another 1300 online views. That means we’ve pushed out over 50 gigabytes of data! Additionally, the userbar and badge images that many of you have put in your Chief Delphi (and VexForum.com) profiles have been seen over 77,000 times!

Thanks for all of your support, and stay tuned! We’re working on more new content as soon as we can find some spare time between classes! And keep your eyes open during competition season…