[TBA]: Text updates, testing, or errors?

im probably guessing you guys are testing

but i just got a text message with the results of the first match at IRI…it’s like 3 in the morning on Thursday, a full 30 hours before matches are supposed to begin, so whats up guys

testing? or was this some unexpected error?
(it’s useful to know since im about to go to sleep and don’t really want to wake up to my phone going off, lol)

Tremendous apologies. I was in fact testing IRI Notifications, and had failed to clear the system of the Championship notifications first. If you had subscribed to 47, 177, 181, 190, 1114, or 217 for the Championship you just got notified. Your subscription has been deleted, and if you want to re-add it for IRI you can go here: http://thebluealliance.net/tbatv/notifications/

When we properly launch the notification for 2009, they will be bound to specific events and this won’t be an issue.

Also, I am in California this summer, which explains the early morning testing.

Sorry for any inconvenience. :frowning: