[TBA]: VCU Footage

I’m working on encoding the VCU footage, got the first couple matches done, who ever recorded it did it in a pretty large format so it may take a while to download encode and re-upload. I’m starting on the first day stuff (because most of it is up there), someone else can feel free to do the second day footage. Im using .mp4 h.264 1024 kb/s.

Thanks for the update, I was getting a little worried about the lack of VCU videos online.

These videos will be on SOAP too, right?

yea my upload speed is a bit slow at univeristy (i think they cap it), so its going on TBA first then i’ll get it up on SOAP.

I’ll head to the internet cafe tomorrow and do Day 2 for you, although my laptop is not-even-funny-close to failing, so don’t depend on me until it’s safely encoded and online.

Although I think I’d need to find an h.264 encoder for Sony Vegas. I’ll work on that…

I see that the first VCU match has been put up on SOAP, but apparently SOAP’s directory page only shows wmv files… They need to fix that. I found the first video by manually entering the link http://www.soap.circuitrunners.com/2008/movies/va/va_001.mp4

I like how your video capture included everything seen by the rendering computer instead of just the NTSC sized frame of video, but the interlacing is pretty annoying (it is easily seen when the poles on moving robots become staggered, making it look fuzzy). Does the original video have that, or could you encode it progressive instead?

the source video is interlaced, i’ll work on de-interlacing it.

Hi Guys!

Thanks for all your hard work! I recorded the VCU Regional, and for some werid reason (and I didn’t get time to fix this problem) my video recording software didn’t give me a choice of what format to record it in :rolleyes:

I have a whopping 32 GBs to upload!!! FIRST did not allow me to sit at the computer so that I could press the record/stop button.

What programs are you all using to cut and convert?

I am currently uploading matches 11-61 which is 10 Gb! *My computer has been literally been uploading video for that last 24 hours! *

BTW, don’t expect Saturday’s footage to go up before midnight tomorrow. Be assured that I am trying to upload video as fast as I can :wink:


We have a 120GB disk. I am working to get it upgraded, but we currently have about 20 free GB. My plan is to take the high-resolution video from 2006 and 2007 offline, but leave up the web streamable copies.

We may run into an issue where the disk fills up. I am going to try to avoid this, but dropping a huge amount of video on the server would almost certain do it.

K, I won’t post day two untill you give me the green light.

Post the elims, if you can. We’re at 26GB free, which is a good chunk. Uncompressed video is killer though. Have you considered running it through SUPER or something else to compress it? It’d help with your upstream bandwidth issue too.

Somebody else can take day two. I just had a major HDD crash.

I have matches 1-10, 26,27,36-43 all cut up and mostly uploaded. so you can remove the raw footage of m1-m10 in Day 1.

I am uploading all that through 40 right now.

m1-10 is deleted.

K, I have started uploading the elims.

I haven’t installed SUPER, yet. I can if you can tell me what format to use etc.


Also, I only have around 18 GB’s left to post. Should I also post the award ceremony?

Also, what software are you all using to cut and clip matches?

don’t worry about the awards ceremony for TBA, SOAP may want it later, I’m on a mac so i’m encoding it to h.264 .mp4 files then cutting it up with a mixture of quicktime and iMovie, trying to move to final cut. Just try and focus on getting the elims up first.

i’ve cut up matches 52-57, working on uploading them. I switched to editing them in final cut, so the wrapper is .mov now instead of .mp4. its still the same h.264 encoding and all.

Changing wrappers poses no problem. Thanks!

I got everything covered up to match 61 (thats everything thats been posted so far).


I tried uploading the quaterfinals three times, and each time it (filezilla) tells me that it has failed. Any ideas? Is there a limit to how much I can upload? If so, then Jonathan - Can you delete any of the files you do not need?



I’ll clean up what I’ve already converted, there shouldn’t be a limit, maybe the HD is too full. I’m sure Greg will chime in and see what’s up.