[TBA]: VCU Footage


Thanks. I’m trying to upload the first matches of day 2, just to see if it will work. I still don’t know why the quaterfinals are not uploading:confused:

Jonathan - Where are matches 11-37? Are you still posting them? Also, the file with the first matches of Day 2 is called “opening ceremony 2 + matches 62+” or something like that.


yea i’m still cutting them up and uploading them.

Hmm… I noticed that SOAP seems to have the videos that you have uploaded to TBA on it. Is somebody else doing that, or are the video downloads on TBA actually linked to SOAP?

The downloads on TBA are not linked to SOAP. SOAP either got these uploaded by the same person who uploaded them to TBA, or downloaded and uploaded them themselves. Either way, having the video in more places is only a good thing.

I am not sure why your Filezilla uploads are failing. The disk is not full. I deleted the awards and opening ceremony videos, and we are at 73% disk space usage. There are gigs and gigs of unused space. I would say “try again?” but I have no idea what was wrong.

I am converting and will upload the quals Jonathan has uploaded. Thanks!

I uploaded some of the video last night to SOAP, focusing on TBA but when i get a chance I’ll throw as much as i can up on SOAP.

Got all your most recent videos up to TBA.



For some reason, once again, I’m unable to upload videos to the blue alliance server. So, I’m uploading them to the SOAP server from where you can download it.

Also, does anyone know the contact info for the FIRST Video Archive people?


This story about the Regional was written by the Hartford Courant. It might have been published in the paper this morning, but I am in rural Pennsylvania and can not confirm.


It is pretty well written, and makes the regional sound quite exciting!

Hey! Great Article of the regional :wink: Now, if only your mom could have mentioned to go the bluealliance.net for video:D

BTW - Jonathan, were you able to find the video I placed on the SOAP server?


Hmm, that post totally went in the wrong thread, but it’s all good.

How’s the video processing going? I noticed that SOAP now has a few matches that TBA is currently missing, which are 24, 30, 62, sf1m1, sf2m1, and fm3, but SOAP is also missing several that TBA has. Actually, why is final match 3 not even stated on the VCU page on TBA? It does exist…

Fireftp / Firefox 2, XP, upon trying to upload an 85 mb file…
550-Quota exceeded: match33_08.flv won’t be saved 550 30715544 Kbytes used (99%) - authorized: 30720000 Kb : /2008Peachtree/match33_08.flv

…I would think I am just trying to upload an absurdly large file, and the problem lies somewhere with my newbness. But some of the other directories have 1 GB files O.o (unless someone with different permissions uploaded them?) & there is a .ftpquota file in there… although it has no text whatsoever (so it shouldn’t affect anything?), & thankfully CD appears rather kinda to noobs who are willing to learn =)

Well, as for lateness of Peachtree vids… Apparently “We’d love to, but we are n00bs in the whole recording thingy.” I’m still not sure why we can’t just upload whatever/everything we have… but I think I’m turning into an annoying bug :smiley: and I have no access to the files so let’s just say it might take a while.

I increased the allotted quota for the FTP account to 50000 MB from 30000MB. I don’t see where the 30000MB of stuff currently is, but this should let everyone toss more stuff up.

Sorry for that.

/me is still wondering why the VCU archiving process has not been finished yet… Anybody out there to answer my question?

I’m grabbing the massive amounts of video to finish up where Jonathan left off. I should be able to get it done before/during Atlanta (I’m stuck here at home :frowning: )

I will start checking the TBA pages daily again. :smiley: I hope you are planning to do the awards videos for SOAP too once you are done with the matches, assuming you will get to that point.

I have now parsed all of the large files that I found on the TBA FTP. I will finish uploading the rest of them when I get off WiFi and plug in to the internet tonight/tomorrow morning.

I currently see nothing in the SOAP VCU folder when I connect through the FTP, probably something to do with the server switch.

So for now TBA is still missing semifinals, finals match 1, match 1 of quarterfinals 1 and 2 , and quals 24 and 30 and 62 (I missed this one).
EDIT: I see quals 24, 30 and 62 on SOAP as well as semifinals. I can transfer these to TBA as well.

You mentioned awards, but I don’t see raw video for them around anywhere.

Uh oh… I don’t know where these videos are so I wouldn’t know if they are there or not. If they are truly not online, then maybe we can get the awards from DRH2o. Greg Marra seems to be getting them already though.

TBA currently doesn’t have a system to handle awards videos. If someone parses them out of the files with the rest of the video, then we can host the files, but I currently know of no one specifically parsing out awards.

SOAP usually handles the awards. That is where I expect the awards to go. But that can’t happen unless the raw footage has the awards. If the current raw footage does not have the awards, then we need the other person’s raw video of them.