[TBA]: Video Archives - What's Missing?

I’ve been in Europe for a week and we haven’t been on top of getting videos online.

I am currently having the TBA server take care of Florida. Is anyone aware of any other videos that are online that The Blue Alliance doesn’t have up yet? Please post the name of the event and a link to where we can get at the videos.


I believe someone’s still working on the Buckeye video parsing. On a related note, the FIRST website has full stats for Buckeye (http://www2.usfirst.org/2009comp/events/OH/matchresults.html), but the stats are only partially displayed on TBA. A friendly request to address that when you have free time. :slight_smile:

I just reprocessed Week 1 match listings. That also means anyone who was subscribed to Week 1 matches that just got added [Buckeye and Traverse City, I think] just got a text message. Whoops. I should add a “don’t message people” flag…

Thanks! Will it take some time for the TBA sig banner stats to update, too?

They update every 24 hours, not sure what time of day, but there is a thread around here somewhere about it.

I was wondering why I just got messages for a lot of matches from GLR again…

Lol I knew something wasn’t right when the text message alert was going off at 2:30 last night. That or one of the regionals pulled a Syracuse and went into 6 overtimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of the text message notifications, why do they break during the elimination?

By “break”, do you mean report 0-0 ties?

FIRST updates match scores from “nothing” to 0-0. My script gets a bit overzealous and goes “THE SCORES CHANGED!” and sends a text message to that effect.

I’ll try to fix that when I fix it so it won’t send historical text messages anymore :slight_smile:

Actually I mean when they stop sending around quarter finals and come out sometime around 10 that night. Am I the only one experienceing it?

This only happened to me recently. Last night I got text messages late about Quarters, but every other week with teams that I’ve been tracking, it’s been coming in on time.

There seems to be some sort of weird buffering going on. Messages will come in clumps late, but sometimes make it fine to my test e-mail account but be delayed to my phone. I don’t know how to track down the issue, because once my PHP script says “send”, it’s out of my hands. :confused: