TCP Open Connection Error

Hello, I have been trying to set up the camera but I keep getting the error in NI vision Assitant of
Error 56 occured at TCP Open Connection in Read Axis>IVA Call
Process Module>IVA Acquistion Tools

When I work with NI Vision Assistant, I take an image with my phone, resize it to 320x240, and open it with Vision Assistant. I take the output and manually re-write it (or generate it, it’s not usually very many blocks as I try to keep processing time down), and include the get image blocks.

NI Vision Assistant should not need to actually get the images from the camera over TCP. It is designed to take image files and play with them so you can develop code which manipulates an image and finds useful data.

The Vision Assistant does not set up the camera. That’s done using the Setup Axis Camera tool (make sure you have downloaded the most recent version, as the first one supplied didn’t do its job right). Or you can set it up by manually connecting to the camera’s built-in web server, adding a user with name and password both “FRC”, and changing the camera’s IP address from to instead.

I have done the manual setup but it will still not connect.

How do you have it wired? Describe where the network cables are going and any routers/switches in the mix.