TE Connectivity Coupon

Looking for advice on how to use the $25 coupon from TE Connectivity.

I was thinking about getting ferrules and a ferrule crimper. Anyone know of the best model to use for use on the FRC electrical components? I tried looking at specs from FRC vendors… TE connectivity has a ton of options, its not clear what the exact spec ferrules AndyMark and CTRE have. Might just order from AndyMark/CTRE next year instead.

Or other parts that anyone recommends.

Also am I the only one that finds the ordering for TE confusing… you have to request a sample order it seems?

We like their power series connectors. Looks like a powerpole, smells like a powerpole, even connects to powerpoles.

Also if you request samples you can get a lot for free to test them out, and then buy whatever else you feel like with your voucher.

Not much help on ferrules, everytime we’ve used them we noticed bare wire was cheaper and works just as well in the weidmuller connectors.

Seeing that it’s Covid hours and leadtime doesn’t matter much…
These (the red and blue pair) are exactly the same as the AM ferrule crimpers. TE has better quality ferrules and other crimps than you can get from the usual suspects, so I’d load up on those.

For FRC you’re fine with the cheapest style they sell that matches your wire desired gauge and terminal style (if applicable).

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From the Spectrum 2019 KOP guide :

TE ($25 Samples)

TE Instructions Document: Link

TE Samples Instruction Video - https://www.te.com/usa-en/videos/corporate/sample-program-how-to.html

Make sure your account uses your FIRSTinspires.org login email address and that your company is listed as FRC####(your team number).

How much is $25 worth of samples?

We reached out to TE asking about how to price sample requests and this is what they told us.

“We don’t publish costs on the sample room.

If you submit a cart that breaks any of our rules, max quantity, dollar value ect it will route to a product manager for review and approval.”

TE Product Suggestions

AMP Power Series (Plug compatible with Anderson PowerPole and SB50)

45A AMP Power Series Sample Links

50A AMP Power Series Sample Links


Sample Order

Here is the order that Spectrum placed. Two of the items don’t say approved but they did send them to us. It may be possible to order more, we don’t really know since they don’t tell us how much we can order.


WOW this is great, thank you so much! very confusing without this information :slight_smile:


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