TE Connectivity Phone Calls

Has anyone else experienced repeated phone calls from TE Connectivity in relation to samples one may have ordered using the voucher? I’ve had to block the number because the person who is calling (from Harrisburg, PA) keeps talking and talking and won’t take “thanks but no thanks” for an answer.

Just wondering. Thanks.

TFW TE realizes we only order the samples with the coupon and get the rest that we need from other suppliers at better prices.

I mean it’s free stuff and I appreciate that so I figure the least I can do is give them five minutes of my time to politely say thank you and will keep them in mind

I mean, sure. But you don’t go and harass people over the phone for that. It’s almost like we have a whole government entity to deal with it…

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That’s how you get them to keep calling!

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Maybe I’ve got lucky with they’ve only called me once each year so I can handle that

I gave them 10 minutes the first call, thanked them, and told them we were still trying to figure out what we needed, and that I would contact them back if I needed any help. Hasn’t stopped the calls.

I just told them that we got the free samples through a TE high school robotics program and we will not be purchasing any products. He said, thank you, and that was it.


I did the same thing, I’ve gotten a few calls over the years but none have been longer than 2-3 minutes.


Unfortunately, this seems to be standard customer retention/acquisition tactic. I’ve encountered this issue in my professional life with at least half a dozen vendors by now.

Even if you’ve politely told the vendor rep that you’re no longer interested or will contact when new orders are needed, there’s no real guarantee that information will propagate through the company. One “solution” would be to get a burner phone line or “virtual” phone line through Google Voice or equivalent, which you only use to contact vendors.


They didn’t call me but someone has been trying to reach me about my robot’s extended warranty a lot lately.


I’ve seen what y’all get up to.

There’s no way that’s still valid.


Just be straight forward with them and tell them you got some samples, you are with a non-profit robotics team and if you would never be buying more than something like 50/year of just one or two parts. The sales person should be recording this using their customer tracking software so they don’t waste time on non-productive customer contacts.

The sales people working directly for the manufacturers are interested in high-volume customers who would buy many different part types in the 1000’s/month. Anything less than that, they would want you to buy from distributors and calling you again is a waste of their time. I have only received correspondence from distributors (through our purchasing department) when there are delays in shipping parts.

If the sales people keep calling you after you tell them you cannot ever buy much, it’s a sign you have a desperate sales person who hasn’t been able to make his numbers, feels they don’t have any good prospects and are just making calls to show the boss they are doing something.

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