Teacher openings at Northwestern HS in Kokomo, Indiana


AndyMark is working closely with Northwestern School Corporation here in Kokomo, Indiana. We currently are two years in to sponsoring the school’s FRC team, 3940, and are getting more involved in their other robotics education programs.

There are two veteran teachers retiring from Northwestern, one in the science department and one in math. These positions are being filled this summer, and it would be great to have folks with robotics education backgrounds fill these spots.

If you are interested in either a math or science teaching position at this high school, please send me a PM and I can get you in touch with the right person.

Andy Baker

For people not in Indiana looking at this, it appears that Indiana has reciprocal licensing with many states.

From a quick Google search
“1, 5, or 10 year licenses are granted to out-of-state applicants based on their level of qualification for all but IA, KS, LA, MN, MO, PA, SD,WI. Candidates from those states may also apply, but will be subject to stricter review.”

Indiana has also (recently) made it easier for professionals with 4-year non-education-degrees to teach (not a full license as I understand).

(added related news: http://stateimpact.npr.org/indiana/tag/teaching-license/)

A great opportunity for inspired mentors :slight_smile: