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Hello Everyone,

I am the team captain of X-SHARC #6838 from Istanbul. As the rest of the world, our team is under lockdown, and we are looking for a way to teach our new members CAD and mechanical design basics.

Honestly, our current team members are not very skilled in CAD and we usually go with a plan&build-as-you-go-along approach. We want to make sure this is not the case for further seasons from now on.

We prepared a CAD curriculum to follow with our team members. (Even our old members have not done a full robot CAD so we will be trying to learn as well as teach.)

The curriculum we prepared could be seen here.
We want to hear from you if this curriculum is realistic and the areas we could improve on. What are your suggestions? We are looking forward to improving it based on your feedback.

We also do not have any technical mentors on our team who can teach us CAD, so it will be a very challenging process for us. If there are any mentors who can help us through this process, we would be really grateful to meet and work with you guys.

ADDED: The PDF version for the ones who can’t view it.
CAD Curriculum.pdf (940.0 KB)


Autodesk puts out a training class for FRC kids in their design Academy for fusion 360. I’ve glanced through it seems to be really good. Here’s the link: https://academy.autodesk.com/course/133777/fusion-360-first-robotics-competitions

As always, the Onshape Learning Center is a valuable resource. @marcusbernstein is definitely someone to ask as well. There are a lot of threads and videos out there about learning CAD.

Hopefully these help in some way. I like your curriculum.


I was not able to view this.

The document appears to be locked, so I cannot view it. But I actually created a CAD course for my team (https://gnsrobotics.com/cad/) and I’d say the most fundamental thing that you want in a course is to not only teach new members how to use CAD but also teach them how to use it within the context of FRC. I see you mentioned learning how to do a full robot CAD, and that is great — but you might also want to start off by giving members smaller assignments such as re-CADding an actual mechanism that you used on your robot in prior years. In my course (linked above), the final assignment is to CAD the cargo intake that we used on our Deep Space robot.

I updated the post to have the pdf version as well so you can download and view it. Thanks for the great advice! Our curriculum also has a similar approach. Can’t wait to read your suggestions after you review the file :smiley: Also could you view the PDF file as well @NShep98 ? Sorry for the link problem btw.

I read through your file, and you’ve designed a very good course! I love how you have little tidbits in there that make it interesting, like 3D printing the parts created by the students. I also really like how you have the CAD analysis at the end, and how you’re all working to build an off-season robot. The one suggestion I’ll make is that you might want to add another practice mechanism (at the same or slightly higher difficulty level as your intake) for them to CAD before you have them CAD an entire robot. I think a bit more practice will make them more comfortable and ready to move on. However, at the same time, some members might already feel comfortable and ready to move on. I’d say see how it goes and if people want another guided assignment before they move to CADing an entire robot, then I’d say give it to them.

Again, congrats on making such a good course! I might even steal your 3D printing idea for my course… :smiley:

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Thanks for the kind words and the recommendations. Will improve based on your feedback. Looking forward to other reviews as well everyone!

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