Teaching FLL advice

Hi CD’ers! I’m a newbie mentor for a local FLL team in my area and I’d like some advice on how to teach them the skills needed for us to do well, especially regarding building and programming a lego robot.

Some background: we did FLL last year, and (as the only mentor who has any experience with FLL, because our head coach kind of just does admin stuff…) I tried to teach them stuff. I guess we didn’t have any structure to it, because I felt that we didn’t teach them much at all. I hope to do better this year, so yeah. Our kids have already done a workshop, so they know about loops and driving motors.

We meet once every week for an hour at their school.

I’m a student on a nearby FRC team, but I don’t know how to build a good FLL bot. All the resources online are programming, and most importantly I don’t know how to structure teaching the kids! Please help!!!