Teaching Position at Technical High School in Marlborough, MA

Job Opportunity in Marlborough, MA. You don’t have to have a licence in Massachusetts, you can work on it.

Floating Technical Teacher - Drafting Certification Required

Assabet Valley Regional Technical School has an immediate opening for a Floating Technical Teacher. Qualified candidates must meet the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s requirements for Chapter 74 vocational technical educator licensure in the field of drafting, including:

• Associate degree or higher degree related to the subject matter and skills to be taught.
• Passing score of at least 70% on each test (written test, performance test) in drafting
• Four years of recent (within the last seven years), full-time employment experience directly related to drafting
• One of the following:
o Achieve a passing score on the Vocational Technical Literacy Skills Test (VTLST). Or
o Achieve a passing score on the Communication and Literacy Skills test

Performance Accountabilities:
I. Instructional Planning:
• Advance student learning through the use of clearly stated objectives, varied instructional strategies, sequential lessons, and relevant measurable outcomes.
• Ensure that accommodations for students with IEP’s and 504’s enable students to meet high expectations.
• Integrate technology regularly in daily/weekly lesson plans.
• Plan for sequential skill development as documented in the Certificate of Occupational Proficiency.

II. Instructional Practice
• Communicate high standards and expectations.
• Design lessons with clear, measurable goals aligned with state standards and unit outcomes (CTE/ MA Curriculum Frameworks).
• Communicate clearly in writing and speaking.
• Provide opportunities for student centered learning.
• Assess and build upon students’ prior knowledge.
• Employ a balanced approach to teaching skills and concepts.
• Employ a variety of teaching strategies.
• Use questioning strategies to stimulate thinking.
• Integrate technology regularly.
• Provide students with frequent feedback.
• Allow for varied opportunities for students to achieve competence.
• Revise instruction based on assessments.
• Use class/shop data and school-wide data to enhance instruction and lesson/unit planning.

III. Assessment
• Maintain accurate records of student attendance and performance.
• Log daily grades, using appropriately defined categories.
• Employ standards-based question types.
• Employ performance based assessments.
• Employ clearly developed rubrics for projects.

IV. Classroom Management
• Communicate clear behavioral expectations.
• Maintain classroom routines and procedures without significant loss of instructional time.
• Adhere to Classroom Management Plan.
• Support and adhere to the disciplinary policies and procedures of the school.
• Attend to safety requirements.
• Take disciplinary action appropriate to the behavioral infraction.
• Maintain a current and accurate inventory of supplies.
• Ensure that equipment and supplies are well maintained.

V. Professional Responsibilities
• Abide by District policies and regulations applicable to teacher conduct and school operation.
• Demonstrate strong employability skills.
• Identify areas for professional development as outlined in the Individual Professional Development Plan.
• Participate in the design and evaluation of curriculum and instruction.
• Participate in grade-level, department and school-wide meetings as requested by the Director of Technical Programs.
• Participate in school-wide co-curricular events/activities.
• Communicate with parents as the needs and performance of student’s warrant.
• Support the Program Advisory Committees.
• Maintain up-to-date licensure and certifications.

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