Teaching students about electronics—especially over the summer (paid course)

A few months back I made a post about a live class that I would be teaching in electronics. There was enough positive feedback from the class that I decided to go ahead and make a more in-depth and fully inclusive online course.

As someone who founded a FIRST team as a high school freshman, I honestly believe something like this would have been very helpful to not only myself but members of my team. That’s why I’m sharing it here.

The course I designed covers a ton of topics in electrical engineering and programming, and has some pretty fun experiments as well as custom simulations, lessons, quizzes, and more multimedia. I’m even adding in some more resources, including interviews with electrical engineers and computer scientists.

Learn Electrical Engineering — Nebula Education

If you think your team could benefit from something like this, especially over the summer and fall, I would love to give your team a discount and talk some more—so feel free to send me a message. Additionally, if your team wants to talk to an Electrical Engineering student at Columbia University, or someone who has founded and run an FRC team for four years, I am always willing to talk!

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