Team 100 Awesomeness

Here’s Team 100’s 2008 Bot as of last week.

Stay tuned for teeth! :smiley:

Nice, simple bot! I was disappointed by the lack of the team Hat :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great!

Yeah, well… its not like we keep someone in there all the time. :smiley: Don’t worry it will be dancing like mad soon enough.

Roller claws seem all the rage this year. Our’s is quite a bit different from others I’ve seen. We have two rollers, which pull the ball into the “cage.” The cage and rollers are self-centering, so we can pick up the ball from any angle and it will be centered on the circle.

The video doesn’t show the tilting mechanism that allows us to “suck” the ball off of the overpass and floor.

Doesn’t show the mechanism, but it shows the action on floor pickup near the beginning. I was wondering why you weren’t using it higher up…

That part the Robot is actually a little higher off the ground than it should be. It’s on stands to keep it from accidentally running away. So the actual tipping motion will be less.

Very nice and slick, like most of your robots. I can’t wait to see it in action (oh so soon, up in Portland). I was also interested why you weren’t using that tipping when you released it.

How fast do your rollers run? How are they powered?

Very nice music too. Reminds me of some of the background music from the Ocean’s moveis.

Nice job – you guys do great work, especially with manipulators. M-A’s robot this year is quite similar in design – I would refer you to a video of it, but unfortunately there is none, as we’re still mounting the electronics board and transmissions. (:eek:)

Nice robot. Congratulations!

i like the design, but to me it releases the ball a little too slow. But that is just me.

We’ll be testing our bot outside in the freezing rain and snow tomorrow…

aww- Im just jealous

Good job


Lol the music is from Ocean’s 12. Your ear is too good. :smiley:

The rollers are powered by globes. They were originaly powered by FP’s but those weren’t powerful enough… although they were crazy fast :slight_smile:

What?! You guys work outside too?

We do all our practice in that hallway. During school we have to take regular intermissions to allow students to get by :smiley: