Team 100 unveiling

Some facts about our 2003 robot:

*2 speed, servo shiftable drive

*Speeds approx 2-4 fps in low, 8-10 fps in high

*Stacker can stack on top of one box, or lift from the bottom and
stack numerous boxes, stacker is untested at the moment.

Stacker arms rotate from full back in the start position to approx. 60-90 in the forward position

*Arms are used to knock over the wall at start of match.

*Arms have a wingspan of approx. 7.5 feet

*window motors rotate arms

*arms can grab box in multiple orientations

*Lifter lifts to 33"

*Unique lifting mechanism hopefully prevents binding

*Arms can corrall large numbers of boxes.

*5 optical sensors sued for line tracking

*2 sensors used for an odometer to help with dead reckoning

*Weight=approx 120-125lbs

Before everyone goes crazy, yes i know the light is in a bad place, that will be taken care of, I also know we have no number plates, that is taken care of too. We have sweet laser cut orange polycarb plates with cutouts filled in with blue lasercut polycarb numbers/school names. Unfortunately I have no pics of them.

Any suggestions/comments/criticisms welcome

Gallery of 100’s bot
Newest pics are at the end

Pic 1


How much did you get from the settlement;) ?

I should sue our sensors for reckless endangerment:D ?

I hope you don’t mind the jokes.

Anyway, that is a pretty good bot.

I like the arms. Good job.

rather impressive odometer.

even more impressive is the usage of FIVE choke sensors!

eek i couldn’t even figure out 3… :frowning: