Team 1002 Final Robot

And here it is: Team 1002’s final robot! Of course, we need to reduce weight and add a few wires, but here is what we look like so far:

(That’s me mounting a battery :stuck_out_tongue: )

Meccanum drive 6 inch wheels with toughboxes
Wide base configuration
Bridge lowering system powered by window motor
Roller and conveyor system for picking up basketballs
Two wheel rotating shooter with back panel arc powered by 2 FP motors in a CIM-SIM
turntable powered by pg712 andy mark 9014 motor
Autonomous: Shoot two basketballs, drive back and lower bridge
37 " x 27" x 48"


Shooter shooting (not mounted on robot):

Driving a bit around:

:smiley: Can’t wait for the Peachtree Regional!

Video of the robot driving, picking up, and shooting a ball:

had to take the turntable off because of weight, but we will have a camera to autoaim still.