Team 1022's ebay sale

Help out team 1022 and get cool stuff! We’re holding ebay auctions for a fundraiser.

Team 1022’s Ebay Auctions

Keep checking back, new items added each day, the best is yet to come!

EDIT: Fixed link.

Am I missing something or does that link really point to Fantasy First here on CD instead of Ebay? :confused:

nope it definatly points to fantasy first

you guys beat us to it…we (1511) have been planning doing that in the next few weeks so we can fund nationals.

I should sell my Anti-Norwalk T-shirt to benefit team 616. I would donate all proceeds to buying some more GermX!

Dang…I didn’t know Fantasy First was popular enough to pull in some money :stuck_out_tongue: .

What do you mean? I have only $500 running on red in the final match (because red always wins! :P) :wink:

my adviser had the crazy idea to sell our team on ebay for sponsorship. Can you imagine? 1278: Team!

Haha, oops! Thanks for saying something. I was in a hurry last night and posted the wrong link.

Here’s the right one:

Team 1022 Ebay Auctions

Next week we’ll have an art print, a Warped Tour shirt not sold in stores or tents, and more!