Team 1028's Website - Please help me out

Here’s Team 1028’s rookie site:

what i need everyone to do is go there and do their best to find some bugs! i plan to release every script on there that i wrote (which is all of them excluding the gallery + forum) to the FIRST community for their use on their websites. i recognize a lot of teams have no clue how to use/don’t have time to use anything dynamic like php or asp. so, i decided to release the scripts we use to help speed the process up. some of the are available in our downloads section right now.

feel free to talk on our forums. they aren’t quite as nice as CD’s, but they’re getting there. i’m working on a few hacks i’ll be adding to the downloads page once they’re done.

please please please enter your team’s data into the scouting database. i also invite all of you to join the webring :slight_smile:

feel free to play with all the features on there and tell me what you think.

i know the design is a little simple, but i went more or less for compatibility. it even looks decent in lynx/links! :smiley:

so have fun, enjoy, and PLEASE give me feedback/bug reports!

thanks so much


I like your site a lot. A few questions about some things. First, the team scouting info, i could add it but it wouldn’t let me search. And i hope your webring search is finished soon. Thats a good idea, and i joined. I’d suggest that the navigation on top be centered as well, it just would make more design sense, since the bottom one is. Other than that its a great site.

Visit Team 240’s Homepage

thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

the search will be very soon. i’m actually working the kinks out of the page to display the data right now.

i’ll use a similar script for the webring search (i hope to finish that over the weekend also).

thanks for pointing that out…i actually meant to right align the bottom one :frowning: i’ll fix it though. :slight_smile:

thanks a lot for the feedback! keep it coming :smiley: