team 1029... armed and ready

after 4.5 long weeks of handwork, dedication, and persistence we have something we are proud to present… the arm.

here are some short clips for you viewing pleasure:

thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated.

cool. how much does that weigh, how did you machine it all

That looks solid. Well done.

what you see weighs ~14 lbs

Crazy good. We were working on a design like this at first, but it didn;t pan out. Congrats on a great arm!

I am very proud to see that arm. Since the beginning of the build, I know how stressed out your team has been. I am very glad that it all worked out for you guys.

I dunno it looks familiar :ahh: nice job though guys pretty cool. That design is a pretty good one. We are going with something similiar also but it’s quite modified with more joints and things to accomodate this years game. Anyway can’t wait to see it in action at UCF regional and possibly swampthing scrimmage?


Very smooth… and very similar to our arm;)

Team 233 would be proud :smiley: , all kidding aside, very nice arm, looks very effective if paired with a good manipulator, can’t wait to see you guys in action