Team 1029...check it out

If just finished our new website, if anyone has actually been looking at them i’ve gone thru about 5 totally diffrent pages in the last couple of weeks, but this is the final one, very clean, simple and pragmatic, plus i love the frames, anyways check it out and leave me some comments on what you think i should change (also tell me what u think of the logo, some ppl like it other hate it), i get bored when i have nothing to do…peace and cocopuffs :cool:

Wolvcat Robotic Team 1029 Website

Note: the site is best viewed using firefox, IE does some wierd stuff the HTML and CSS that i havent had time to figure out

I like it a lot. Your FIRST logo is kinda low quality it seems, but meh. I like the layout and simplicity.

Also, on the Home page, I think bolding the “Team Goals,” “…vision of FIRST,” etc. would make it easier for reading, but that’s just me.

I find it hard to believe your drivetrain has 35 Horsepower.

cool website… I like the scrolling gallery. Our teams website isn’t quite there yet.

Our website’s url :

I do like the general layout of your website, only there is too much going on at once. Keep the image marquee, except remove the border from the images with the border=“0” in img HTML tag. The images are a bit too large and distract from the true written content of your team’s website; try scaling them down to a smaller, yet still visible, but true thumbnail size values. Also perhaps news should have it’s on page, as having it on the navigation frame clutters it; so try having a page dedicated to team news. Also, because of the clutter, it makes your main content frame much smaller then it needs to be. Try increasing your font size slightly

For your writing style, you really should use proper spelling and grammar. Avoid using short land and metaphores (“You’ll just have to wait and see, it’s a beast thou”)

In your HTML watch your cases. “No” is not the same as “no”; HTML looks for lowercase. Try to conform your website to standards, as more users will be able to see the website at it’s full potential. Here is a direct link to the W3 page-scan of your your web page. At this time you have 9 minor errors that shouldn’t take that long to fix.

Hey, if you need any help with anything, feel free to let me know :slight_smile: