team 1029 - the wolvcats

I figure I might as well put our site up here. Let me know what you think. Team 1029

Honestly I would rather you tell me what is wrong with the site and just that you like it, positive renforcment does not help much lol. Plus our captain says I am cocky enough as it is, no need to inflate my ego. L8tr.

It makes sense you want constructive feedback, not just the one line post “Looks good!!!”. He’s what I think needs to be done to make it better:

Your adjust font size “thingy” only works on the text on the left on the front page. Anywhere else it doesn’t do anything. It actually reminded me of the text resizer on this site done in javascript: . But see how the text on the entire page increased, not just the body text.

Your picture gallery is all screwed up. The preview of the pictures shows but when you try to click any of them you get a 404 or your javascript picture script takes an infinity to load it.

A team picture? I don’t see one. A picture of your robot or the status of your team is also missing too.

I don’t see any recognition of the mentors on your team.

The logo for Motorola and the other sponsors of your team look really ugly. You need go in photoshop and clean them up a bit. I’m talking about the outline. It looks like you used the fill paint bucket in Microsoft Paint. :slight_smile:

Your photo gallery seems to take a long time to load. All your photos are in one section. I shudder to think what a person with a slower connection than mine would experience.

Hope I could give you some really good criticism.