Team 103 and Team 25 Robot Reveal

Hey there! Here is our robot reveal video for 2013. I hope you all enjoy and good luck!! :slight_smile:


Nice and clean design. I love how you guys went with the same old Beadlok’s despite the smaller robot footprint.


Another set of wonderful machines.

Well…this made me scared :yikes:

AWESOME robot as always guys. Can’t wait to see you this season.

I noticed that you guys didn’t put down Lehigh (MAR Champs) on your list of competitions you’re going to. Is that because you didn’t want to put it because you weren’t certain that you’re going yet, or are you skipping it since you are both (25 and 103) qualified for Einstein already (I believe 103 did that last year, so another team might have the chance to qualify)?


We don’t know if we will be going yet. :slight_smile:

It’s almost painful how much you were able to simplify down all the systems compared to most designs so far. Absolutely beautiful!

Please make it available for mobile viewing.

That is not possible, sorry! It’s because the song was used in full length.

Assuming this is the video from Premiere Night(on mobile right now), awesome job as always. That drive train is so nice. I can’t wait to see these two in action at TCNJ

Thank you so much and there are additions from premiere night…

It seems that a climbing mechanism has been added. What level does this climb to, and how quickly? Do you have any video of it?

That is totally the song I was going to use for a season video.

This is about the time I get mad at myself for not thinking of that simple linkage solution for transitioning the hopper from ground loading to shooting. Saw it on 2363 as well and just face palmed.

Good luck this weekend at Hatboro and see you at TCNJ!

Good robots. I wish you guys could have teased us a bit more with thye hangers and shown us something though. :smiley:

But I am sad though that Orlando will have neither 25 nor 103 attending this year. This will be the first time since 2007(it was a fun 5 years with you guys) that we wont have one of you guys here. I guess this means 103’s streak of WFA winners at Orlando is done.

Don’t worry Akash, the simplicity of the shooter is offset by the complexity of the climber.:yikes:

Great robot you guys hope to see y’all at champs again this year! I really like the moving bucket indexer to feed the Frisbees!

Loved showing how all of the single wide floor pick-ups can still have a dominant autonomous. Imagine if 2 robots on the same alliance hit for 42 each in the auto…:eek:

Looking good. Im looking forward to seeing you guys in action.:smiley:

Just imagine! :wink:

Its too bad I cant watch it on my phone.
Now I have to wait about 10 hours before I get home from work!