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Hey, for anyone that is interested, a interveiwer from Catalyst Magazine (the professional magazine from Autodesk) had just finished with an interveiw with our Inventor design crew, myself included, for winning the Autodesk Inventor Award and for having the title of Inventor of the Month from Autodesk. The interveiwer said that the article will be out sometime next week. I don’t know if its going to be in the magazine or a newsletter or whatever. But look for us.

that is AWESOME!
congratulation guys
I’ll keep my eyes open, but just in case do post the link or the article.
Great Work!

Team 103 never stops amazing me. Congratulations, you guys really deserve it.

GO 1403!!!

I believe the actual name of the magazine is CADalyst.

Here’s the “Autodesk Inventor Of the Month” Article:

Here’s the article:…l.jsp?id=329641

im not going to lie, i love reading about team 103. I think i respect their cad team more than any other group of mentors/students in all of first robotics, and i would love to meet you guys if your going to atlanta next year. It will be the first year my team can afford to go.

If the link above for the Cadalyst article does not work try: /manufacturing/article/articleDetail.jsp?id=329641

(I put a space in so that the link would not be cut off)

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