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Well, time has come to unveil my creation, unfortunatly i’m very short on time, and i haven’t fully finished the site (gonna be working all night to meet the deadline). So i’m going to make this quick, and post a longer features list in the near future…

*Created 100% by me (Ozan Turgut, Team 1039 Chief Sealth Robotics).
I did not use ANY scripts from ANYwhere, no phpNuke. no Mamba, not even small scripts, this entire website (including all of the graphics) was done by me between january 5th, and today. the exceptions are: The forum (phpBB), and Macromedia Fireworks automaticly generated the mouseover scripts for the graphic navigation
*Extremely compatible
Tested to work (and look alike) on Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Firefox, Mozilla. Simple mode (where there are no visual-only graphics) generates a page that is about 1/3 less size than the graphic mode while retaining all content (the script resides in the same page, thus you are not actually going to a different URL)

Will work on any resolution. I’ve tested this from 600x400 to 1600x1200. All of the fonts are dynamicly sized, thus by changing your browsers font size you can adjust the page to look exactly the same in 800x600 as it does in 1600x1200 (of course unless you are using Opera the images do not resize)

No need for Javascript or Cookies. These two are totally optional, javascript is only if you want to see the mouse over images in the navigation, and cookies will remember your mode setting for your future visit(s). If you have turned off your cookies the script will just add a tag in the URL that follows you everywhere.

You can even browse it if you’re blind. If you have a speech capable browser, all content is acessable, all images have ALT text, all links have Titles, all accronyms and abbriviations are tagged.

Know where you’re going: All links are tagged, if a link is pointing to with in it will turn to a cyan color on mouse over, if it is pointing outside of it will turn blue.

I know i said a short list of feature, but this is the short list :slight_smile: now i gotta get back to work, please critique it as harshly as possible, i’d much rather have “I don’t like the XXXX” than “wow, good job!”. Because the first one will help make it better, while the second (although very kind) will just make me smile.


nice website…it loox awesome

I love the AIM link on the side! It’s really cool, good job :smiley:

Why would you have the script be on the same page? Aren’t you forcing either the download of more information or a more server intensive processing? :confused:

actually once i had the system down it was much simpler than creating two pages (and more flexible, since now i can add other modes easily) Here’s a quick verbal script over view

Set variable M as User’s Mode
Load Shared Style Sheet (style sheet that’s shared with all modes)
Load M.css (right now there is Simple.css and Graphic.css, notice how no conditionals are used)
Get M_navigation.php (again, no conditionals such as if ($m=="graphic){})
Display page content (same in all modes, except for some pages, like in the front page, the sidebar has graphics, that uses the same method i did with the navigation and footer)
Get M_ footer.php

and bam, your page presented to you. If i wanted to add say the “Blue” mode, all i’d have to do is create Blue.css, Blue_navigation, and Blue_footer. And ofcourse add an option to select it in the mode selection page.

Plus! It saves a lot of disc space!
[End Edit]

I’m glad you liked it :), here are some other AIM links you guys can use…

Adding Buddies
Change Buddy Icon
Get Files
Send Files
Log in to your account
Check Email
aim:[email protected]
AIM Today
Away Messages
Send a chat Invitation
To Send a Message:

I’ve moved the site to the main directory, so instead of going to

you may now go to

that is a very nicely done website. I salute your coding everything by yourself. I think our website is done entirely by our webteam, but I’m not entirely sure. But congratulations!

I like the website, it has a good design and colors. The quick features is an excellent idea to contact people and I especially like the feature at the beginning where you can choose Simple or Graphic for those who do not have Broadband.

Nice work!

Eh it seems very messy to me, but if it works well for you then that’s cool. :slight_smile:

Looks good too by the way

Looks good! The only thing I noticed was, when you click on the “FIRST” link up top, you get a page that says, “No input file specified.” Save for that, it looks great. :slight_smile:

thanks for all the comment.,Major website update:
(nearly) every feature of the website is now live, you may now register and submit links/articles/files to the database, the website is PACKED with lots of tiny features that you will find out as you are using it (or when i actually post the entire list up)

some people PMed me asking how long it took to make the website, the answer is over 100, however how long it took to design, make, and implement everything in the website is over 200, and since I first started working on it on January 8ish, you can guess that I’ve been basicly life-less until just now (when i put all the major features of the site up) But I’m glad I put in the effort :slight_smile:

Very nice looking site, I’m quite impressed to see other people doing the “no prewritten code” idea, and I like it. The only thing I’d have to comment on, is that you continually reemphasize how you did the website entirely by yourself. While this may be true, it kind of dilutes the whole team aspect of FIRST. I’m not sure if you’ll lose points for it, and if not then it’s purely up to you. Just a comment though.

good point :slight_smile: however, we don’t have many members that know how to code websites (actually we don’t have many members period), thus I took it upon my self to make it, after it was done the whole team helped me put up actual content and test/check for bugs/ and troubleshoot. Believe me ,I would have loved another person helping me (since that would’ve cut the time it took from my life by half) :smiley:

Website update: The link database is now fully functional. Already tons of links there, feel free to add more (perhaps your own teams website)! The Documents and Files databases are also ready.

In order to upload files or submit documents you need to become a member, if you would like to submit a link, you can do it either as a member, or from the main site (go to for more info)