Team 103's - Impact

I figured since others were sharing their animations our team might as well also. Unfortunately i can’t give you the direct link because I don’t know it…but go to and then click animation 2002 on the left hand menu. The stream is about 5 megs and the high quality is a whopping 87 megs…well worth it in my opinion. Any comments would be great…Good Luck to all and we’ll see you in FL.

Amazing! I watched the streamed version, but it’s one of the best animations I’ve seen so far. Excellent work!

(Also, I perused your CAD section. As one of the Inventor folks on my team, I’m quite impressed by your presentation.)

Nice job with your animation. I like a lot of the mini details like the posters off in the background and the reflect maps applied to your materials. Wish you good luck.

hey, i have AOL so when i downloadit opens in AOL MediaPlayer and it doesn’t download very well. I saw one of the pictres that was at the site of the animation and it practically resembled the animation we did. I’m really anxious to see it. If anyone hasit downloaded and wants to send it via email i’d really appreciate it ( The cyberblue animation is going to be up on the website hopefully within the next week for viewers. Good luck to everyone though.

WOW, and that is an understatement… it was just megnificent… the detail of your robot and every thing else was remarkable, not to mention the phyisics you used for the balls int he goal bin (how did you do that anyways???) well you have a good shot at winning, Good Luck

You guys did a really good job. If your robot does that in real life… wow. Just wow. Was your meaning “changing the world through FIRST”?

Beautiful Graphics.
I love it.

Great job guys…

page and animation looks great


As far as the animation goes…

It was really great…The music fit in perfectly and the models looked very sweet. I also liked how you guys cut from scene to scene.

As far as everything else on your web page:

I really liked the ways you guys showed the planning and contruction of your robot on the website…and I and very jeoulous of the flash work done:)

but in past competitions with autodesk…(student odeyssey 2000)
they did not even judge the entries that were not made in inventor. Hopefully…they will not do that in your case…

Best of luck to you…

and sorry i didnt drink my coffee b4…


You definately win the overall Award for Excellence… very nice.