Team 104's New Site

Please visit our site,, and tell me what you think.

Thank you

looks good… nice & clean
thanks for the link.

The only problem I saw was the sponsor images not loading. Probably due to a misuse of a \ instead of a / in the image path.

that was the problem, i did not write that page, and it worked fine in my browser.

pretty nice, very clean

i’ld center the it though, make it look more symetrical(sp)

*Originally posted by apk *
**that was the problem, i did not write that page, and it worked fine in my browser. **

IE and I believe Opera will read \ as /. IE does, likely because of Microsoft’s OS internet ingtegrationX somethingorother.

Needs more interactivity.
Other than that, looks nice.


our site has been updated (a major one) - we now have pictures from the philly regional (mainly of our team)

I would have the nav bar on the left or top but hey, that’s me.

same, but i left the design up to someone else (he also has more experence)

Our site has been updated, many pictures from comp. have been added. Please leave feedback (here or on our contact page).

Thank you.

Only thing I don’t like is the “Picture Taken At”

Those look like upload times to me, not taken times.

Field fully up: “Taken at 9:03:58 PM”
Field scattered: “Taken at 9:03:56 PM”

It’s saying that was 2 seconds apart and the competition was at night.

Like the overall look and feel…

Just a few comments:
a) in my browser (M$ Internet Exploder 5.1 for Mac), the pictures bar loaded over part of the top logo…may be just a typo or a browser problem, but you should probably look at that…
b) the picture browsing, I think, is a little more detail than most browsers need to know; the layout of that page could use a cleaner setup (a table maybe) (see my team’s site for how I did that…you can automate the resizing of photos for the thumbnails and whatnot in Photoshop vers. 6 or newer- link below)…

Other’n that, looks like a fine site. Crisp, clean, quick-loading, and useful.

Aaron Knight
Webmaster and Videographer
Team 891: Neverending Chaos…

the times for some pictures were wrong because the camera’s clock was off, but fo most of the pictures, it was correct.

In our pictures page, the pictures can be viewed two ways, either by a table (grid) or by the list with details.

I have updated the upcoming events page,, and it currentally bolds the next event and the past events do not stand out as much.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know, as I have plenty of time to program it in.