Team 1065 - 2007 Summary Video

Well it’s more of a picture slide show with some standard effects and some music. There’s a couple of video clips from Robot Ruckus and then a few humorous ones from Ship Day!


It will be on youtube later tonight, when they decided to approve it.


Here’s google:

…still waiting on youtube

Edit 2:

Four hours later…

Nice job! Popular tracks there too. I always enjoy seeing how a KOP evolves into something useful and successful… wish more teams posted how things got done.

Nice vid! It’s really interesting to see the progress made throughout the build season.

And that’s a really nice-looking ramp you guys have.

wow, great job mich:]

Nice Job Michelle

Well Done. A good mixture of pictures, music, and some video. I like how the entire build season was in chronological order.

Very nice. Great seeing how you guys developed.

I’m working on a 1923 one too, but not 'til after regionals.


I must say, that’s one hot crate.

Your ramps are awesome too, clean, simple, and easy to get up on. (Well except for that one 1902 incident… :wink: )

Great job, and good luck at UCF!

That would be our drivers fault…cough…Dan…cough… not their ramp. Their ramp is awesome

Awesome video showcasing the past 6.5ish weeks! I’m liking the music too :cool:

I SEE ME! hah great video Michelle, Good luck to 1065 this season, can’t wait till UCF!

I loved it! thanks for putting my name there, always happy to help. :slight_smile:

P.S. Great work on the music.