Team 107's Code

At our last regional (West Michigan), I got a handful of people asking for a copy of our code. I gave them the URL for our SVN. Now, I want to put it up on Chief Delphi.

You can find our code at

Feel free to use any of our code! No guarantees on it though, because some of it (such as the code for the CAN and PWM jaguar) hasn’t been tested. It is constantly changing, so keep your eyes open if you care. Currently, TestCode_v2.1 is our most up to date. I’m going to be adding a new Joystick class that will make programming for joystick events (such as button pressed init/periodic/released, etc.) much much easier. Things like the hanger don’t do anything, because it was made back when testing a hanger prototype, and the positive criticism assistant is just for fun but has yet to be implemented.

Have fun looking through it! If you have any questions, just ask and I’m willing to help to the best of my ability.