Team 108 Finishes, but is still confuzed

Hey everybody! I’d be bragging about my animation now too, however the hard drive that its on dosent wanna boot :frowning: Oh well. Anyways, I gots a question for yall (no, im not hillbilly, just like to say that, lol). We tried using vid post with a lens effects glow. However, after skimming the readme file (remember, we were rendering March 17) that there was something up with having anti-aliasing on while vid posting. We actually had to turn off anti-aliasing for it to work! Luckily, we kept it pretty highly detailed. I was wondering if anyone else had these problems and if anyone found a better work-around (dont wanna get stuck like this next year) Thanks everone!

We didnt have this problem with our animation, but for future reference it would be good to know.

We try to stay away from lens flares but from what I remember I didn’t ever have that problem. You should upload your animation for the world to see.