Team 1083 Anyone still Around?

So its been I while since I have been able to check in on the forum and I just wanted to know how many of my old team are still around.

most from 1083 moved to team 1902 Exploding Bacon, search for 1902 members and I’m sure you’ll find some familiar names

I noticed a few wanted to see if they remember me.

I’m still here! How are you doing taylor? Team 1083, The Emoticons dispanded after 2005, most of the students and many of the mentors gradually moved to 1902 Exploding Bacon in 2006. Most of the students from 1083 have moved on to college but many of the mentors are still around.

Been a while since I have heard from you Dan. Yeah I noticed Andrew, Cody, and a few others still around.

Chuck, Robby, George, Ryan Leitch and Mike W. are still with us. Horatio is at UF and Nish is at USF. James was a freshman the last year 1083 was around…he graduated this year.

Yeah, as is Doug Leoppard, Mike Nicolai ( sometimes when he can ), Nathan Pell works with the Autonomato Autonomatons ( spelling? ) in melbourne. Gautham now works with SPAM in Stuart, and after that I can’t really remember many that are still in FIRST.

Taylor I remember you.

What are you doing these days?

College for Computer Engineering and Working. Thinking about coming back as a Mentor this year. Still in Orlando by UHS.