Team 1086 - 2019 Offseason WCD

Team 1086, Blue Cheese, is proud to present our 2019 Offseason WCD.

Quick Info:

  • Custom flipped gearboxes.
  • Hybrid, sheet metal-square tube, frame assembly.
  • 13.59 ft/s. (Adjusted).
  • 23.82 lbs.
  • Set C-C, Chain in tube.
  • 0.0625" Wall tubing.

More Info:WCD Technical Binder - 1086 Blue Cheese (3).pdf (3.6 MB)
Step: Offseason WCD - 1086 Blue Cheese.step (36.6 MB)

Feel free to leave any questions or comments!


Very impressive! I wish y’all the best of luck in 2020, see you at Richmond and Blacksburg


Interesting. I assume that the little extrusions in-between the wheels are for bumpers? Thats an interesting way to mount them. Also why did you choose to mount the motors facing outwards rather than inwards? Was it for extra space?

Will anyone acknowledged that that is a sick render!


Yep- bumper mounts, and flipped gearboxes save space on the inside


Ah. Thats a design I haven’t seen much from the WCD’s I’ve looked at. Nice work! Also this is bit of a noob question but if the chain is located inside the tubing, then how hard would it be to fix it in case it breaks or falters for some reason?

The short answer: it would be rather difficult. What I’ve heard from that teams that use this form of drivetrain is to bring extra rails when there is an issue

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I think we all wanna know if it was made on schedule?


Adding on to what Aurgia said, is there a reason you didn’t pocket the drive rails? I would think that you would want to especially since you’re running chain in tube.

We were running 1/16" thick wall so pocketing them would likely cause some structural problems.

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once designs and order requests were submitted, it was completed in a timely manner.

@Casey_Gormley That drive frame render looks sweet! I am a huge fan of the custom drive gearboxes and am interested in what the reduction is. I would like to make custom multi-stage gearboxes but don’t know where to start. Could you explain your design process? Any feedback would be appreciated!

How do you guys tension the chain? Can’t seem to find any tensioner on the cad or pictures.

It’s fixed C-C with .018" added

Thanks, also there is some more information about the gearboxes in the technical binder linked in the original post. The reduction is 5.90:1. These were my first custom gearboxes made into real life so I’m relatively inexperienced compared to many others on CD, but I will say two things, firstly if your looking for a place to start there are bunch of good YT tutorials that break down step by step the CAD to Part process that would do a better job explaining then I would. Secondly, the complexity difference in designing a single stage vs a multistage or even a shifting gearbox is low. The hardest part(at least for us) is making sure to design and machine with proper tolerances. So when designing any type of custom gearbox just make sure to stay in close contact with your machinist.

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No way this is a Blue Cheese drive train, there are no mecanums on it…


Are you using 25H or regular 25 chain?

Really good work here, I like this chassis.


Don’t forget, no tank treads