Team 1086 2020-2021 CAD Release

Team 1086 is proud to release the CAD from the robots we’ve developed over the past two seasons. Feel free to ask any questions or for close up photos of the different mechanisms.

Here is the CAD for the following robots

Pepper Jack 2020

CHS District Richmond VA Event:

  • Alliance Captain
  • Winner
  • 17-3

Pepper Jack 2021

Pepper Jack 2021 Public Phoot (4) (6) (7)

CHSy Champs Event:

  • Alliance Captain
  • Winner
  • 15-3

S.C.R.A.P Event:

  • Alliance Captain
  • Winner
  • 16-2

Monterey Jack IR@HC

IR@HC robot photo 2

Robot was made with two weeks left in the IR@HC season. Hyperdrive, powerport, and Interstellar accuracy runs were completed one meeting.

Monterey Jack 2021

CHSy Champs:

  • Finalist

I apparently have like no good photos of this version of the robot. Sorry.


cool robot :+1:


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