Team 1089-Barnes and Noble Fundraiser!

Barnes and Noble Fundraiser!
Hey this is Aashay from Team Mercury (1089) in Hightstown, NJ. We are holding a fundraiser at Barnes and Noble Bookstores across the country! You can go into any Barnes and Noble bookstore in the country on December 5th with this code (10317782) and Team 1089 will receive a percentage of your sale. If you’re not able to make it to a Barnes and Noble store, you can also purchase online with our code from December 5th – December 9th from anywhere in America! Again, our Barnes and Noble book fair code is 10317782. Please note that if you go into any Barnes and Noble bookstore in the country on December 5th with this code, we will receive a higher percentage than we would from online sales.
For teams in the local area, we are also going to be wrapping gifts at the Barnes and Noble store in Hamilton Marketplace, NJ on December 5th. We will be located in the back of the store from 8am- 9pm.
We hope you can make it or help us out by using our code in your local Barnes and Noble store on December 5th or online from December 5th to December 9th.

PLEASE send out a reminder on the December 3rd!

Would you guys be interested in setting up an email reminder for this? I will likely be buying some books for Christmas, and an email reminder would be great.

i would need to ask mr. gregory about the email reminder because he would probably be the one to send it out. I will try to find out monday and post then. Im pretty sure we can make it happen though, so thanks for the input :slight_smile:

What a coincidence! The Hammerheads of Troy, MI (FRC Team# 226) will also be holding a Barnes & Nobel fundraiser the next week, Dec. 9th-14th. We will be at the Rochester Barnes & Nobel on Dec. 9th with several events from Storytime with Sharkie and gift wrapping by our team members to a celebrity server (Mr. Morrison!) at the Starbucks inside. Any purchases made with our Bookfair ID# 103552573 would be greatly appreciated! The code is valid at any N. American Barnes & Nobel store or online from Dec. 9th-14th.

Please note that we’re not trying to sabotage 1098’s bookfair. That would just not be very GP… this is actually an event we have held for several years. But if you are local to the Detroit area, Team 226 encourages you to stop by and buy a book, hear a story, or have a coffee. Hope to see you there!

What are the funds from this going to? I’m just curious.

this is a team fundraiser, so all funds will be going towards our team… and spacepenguine, thats cool! im glad that there are corporations out there that still will do this kind of thing on such a large scale…

also, if you want an email reminder, please PM me your email and i will email you on this FRIDAY and most likely on SUNDAY Morning as well, which is the day of the fundraiser!

Thanks for the interest! We actually have a “system” already set up. If you want to be added, please PM either myself or flyingcrayons with your email. If it easier you can also email mercuryreminders(at)gmail(dot)com. Please include your forum name in the email. Thanks again! :smiley:

I completely understand. We all have the same goal: Raise funds for the program we love. I wish you best of luck! :]

To be a little more specific the funds are going towards the purchase of new batteries and the creation of a battery tower. At our last two off-seasons our batteries started to show their 3 year age. We’re hoping to be able to replace those older batteries and maybe even add more to the line up. In addition, the battery tower was an inspiration from many teams. We loved the efficiency and security so much that we wanted to make one for ourselves. ::safety::

Thanks for all the views and posts! :smiley:

This sounds like a really neat idea! Wish I would have seen it sooner…I definitely would have participated! How did the fundraiser work out?? :slight_smile: