Team 1094's 2013 Robot reveal

Video of our robot this year. What an awesome 6 weeks! Can’t wait for the competitions here in STL and Terre Haute… Feed the FISH!

Awesome video. Love the bot.

Now for the questions.

1: Where did you get that drill bit holder? It looks very useful and I would like to get one for our team

2: How fast can you unload Frisbees from your shooter into the goal? It looks fairly fast, but the video also looked to be sped up.

3: Do you prefer to floor or feeder station load?

I will probably come up with some more questions later, but this robot is very nice. Can’t wait to see you guys at STL.

Much better than the original. Looks like you got some solid editing advice from an awesome video maker ;). Once again, 1094 is going to be a real threat in Missouri. Can’t wait to see this machine in competition.

Looks amazing. Able to pick up both upside down and right-side up discs!!! Wow. We’ll be cheering for you from across the state. :slight_smile:

You had my attention starting with the (now dated) photo of 1094 wearing silver hats. Very impressive bot. 1094 always seems a bit underrated. Best of luck this year!

Are you talking about the Lathe or the Drill press?

We prefer picking up off the floor, but I’m not sure how fast we can unload frisbees. I’ll have to look into that.

See you at STL!

Edit: Do you mean the drill bit case?

There was a part in which you had a whole ton of drill bits lined up, the case I believe. It was for the drill press.

I really like that floor pickup.

Good luck this year. Looking forward to seeing you guys in March.

We’ve had that for a long time, but I have no idea where we got it. I’ll ask around.

Can’t wait to see you guys at SLR.