Team 1099: Robot Reveal (Kinda)

Team 1099 is proud to present a sneak peek of our robot that will be competing at the Boston Regional. After winning every other year at Boston, we are hoping to continue this tradition (Knock on wood)

Some Details:
6 Wheel FIRST Hi-Grip tank dive
Ability to pick up
Store 4 discs
shoot using 2 8inch Pneumatic tires
aiming assisted by auto-tracking


Please comment with ANY and all questions

Nice robot!
How does it pick up the frisbees?

at the moment its a roller that pushes it on to a sheet of metal that is lifted up and the disc falls to a hopper at the top. We may be altering that but that is what it looks like in the bag

Very cool.

Awesome to see more teams with autotracking (I’m a programmer so it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside) :slight_smile:

Also, props for using The Glitch Mob